Glass Idols

by Ol Sonuf

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Guitarist Jason Aaron Wood's one-man-band Ol Sonuf "Glass Idols" is an irreverent display of dark, melodic, atmospheric, Progressive Extreme Metal, with a sound ranging from classic melodic Death Metal to Black Metal to Doom metal, with easy-to-hear lyrics laced with dark mysticism, mythology, wrath, and sarcastic iconoclasm.

Press Release:

October 31, 2013

For Immediate Release:

"Glass Idols," the new LP from extreme metal one-man-band Jason Aaron Wood (Todesbonden) is finally here.

Full of dark atmospheric soundscapes, soaring & shredding lead guitars, crushing riffs, and the most easily understood lyrics in extreme metal, Glass Idols delivers a poignant, sarcastic, & yet sensible critique of the world we live in.

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"Just check out Wood’s skillfully played leads and riffs on the hellish and depressive-sounding “The Legacy Of Rome” and you will know what I am talking about when it comes of the well written music here. The 41 minutes of music on here adding up to 13 tracks of total splendor kicks ass, and I see a lot of potential for Wood to take this project somewhere." - Sarjoo Devani, Explicitly Intense

"Albums of the quality of "Glass Idols" show that one person with the right vision and application can compete at the highest level. They don't need mega budgets, they don't need session musicians, and they certainly don't need dinosaurs like Gene Simmons to tell them that rock is dead. It's only just getting fucking started." - James Scott, Arcana Noctis


released October 31, 2013

All instruments and male vocals, programming and composition by Jason Aaron Wood.

Guest female vocals by Laurie Ann Haus.on "Angel of the Spheres" and "The Will to Survive."

Mixed by Jason Aaron Wood.
Mastered by Evan Sarli of Not So Bad Studios (

Album cover art by Cihan Berk of 7 Ensigns (

Jason uses INTEX Cables exclusively.



all rights reserved


Jason Aaron Wood Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Scrying
(Instrumental Intro)
Track Name: Angel of the Spheres, ft. Laurie Ann Haus
As I gaze deep into the sphere
One final time after seven years
The little girl in the glass once again appears
As the clouds start to disappear

Oh thou familiar spirit!
Why must you speak in riddles?

Edward, remembering the visions of fire...
So clearly within the stone...
Sees the young girl appear,
The angel of the spheres,
As she stands there beside a throne...

"I am the daughter of fortitude
And ravished every hour from my youth...
I will bring forth children unto you
And they shall be the Sons of Comfort in the Age that is to come..."

As he heard these words
The girl Madimi disappeared into the field...
Now cometh the horseman
With a spear of fire in his hand
With a long sword by his side
And his warhorse armored from the front and behind...
He bears a target on his back...
And as they ride away the vision starts to fade to black...

After that night
The two men parted ways...
Scrying the 7th Aethyr
Foretold the coming of an Age
In a time when men could be burned for less...

Yet what they left behind
Contained a legacy for mankind...

In the first two words of the First Key
Is contained the answer to all of the mysteries...
What Edward saw while working with Doctor Dee
Opened the gates of the fourth dimension
And unleashed those forces for all of eternity...

Two men went looking for wisdom...
And wisdom they found...
Track Name: The Winds of the East
Track Name: Parasite
You shepherd the meek
at least once a week
to your offering bins
Church night!
Time to cash in
on the guilt that they feel
for all of their so-called sins

Oh, why must these Bronze Age relics
continue to haunt us today?
Why can't we finally move beyond the
mindset of slaves in ancient days?
What's not barbaric or obsolete
is critically flawed
They had no conception of
how we should live today

Oh, when will you see...?
That you are a cancer of perception,
Life turned against itself...
You've turned mere thoughts into "sins"
as you fill your greedy coffers on the guilt
of the trusting masses

Those altar boys sure must have
seemed like the picking was ripe
That's right --
You victimized children as someone they trusted
but you're not the one paying the price...

But now you're losing your grip,
and all of your crimes keep coming to light!
Soon you shall feel the crack of the whip
Where will you hide you parasite?

Should you ever seek to enslave us again,
Then there shall be war!

Your time is done -- The Age of Reason is here

You've burned us at the stake

Spare not the child the rod,
Lest they ever feel an ounce of love for you

Never question "god"
'Cause they've never had to show the proof

Religion brings not peace but a sword
We have seen the day
when the towers came crumbling down...
What more reason do we fucking need?

Track Name: The Legacy of Rome
The legacy of Rome still lives on into the Modern Day
First in militaristic conquest...
And built upon the backs of slaves

Invading foreign lands and then
Wondering why they hate us so much...
How would it be if the tables were turned?
The Founding Fathers adopted
A system already corrupted
So now let's just sit back and watch...

Outward expansion,
Manifest destiny...
"I see land that I want --
This must be what 'God' intends for own and control.
WE are the chosen ones!
Those other people were weaker...
So this land belongs to us!"

Rome is a beast unleashed in the wild
And Rome is the priest raping your child

Just as all of history shows
We already know how the ending goes
And just as the empires before us

History always repeats itself if you only keep it on a shelf
But the future isn't so hard to predict
Track Name: Wilderness of Steel and Stone
As you elevate
yourself so conveniently far above all creatures...
Have you failed to notice how
You share so many of their very features?
While you may dub your quaint, little rules as "laws"
Your self-delusion stands chief among your flaws...

Don't be fooled by all the symmetry--
We have always lived in this same reality;
In the wilderness of steel and stone,
Each of us is on our own...

Might makes Right --
The Law of the Jungle still applies...
Fight or Flight --
They're still the only options you've got when it comes down to who dies...

In the end, Man is just another beast...
But when he stands among the herd he can be fleeced...
To the Victor go the spoils of war--
And let the vanquished be destroyed forevermore!

It's kill or be killed...
So let blood be spilled...
May your enemies quake with fear
At any time that you draw near...

For all the things that Man has sought to dominate,
He will still pretend that what he's done is "fate"...
We no longer praise the Cave Bear or great Zeus...
Why should any god be kept alive beyond its use?
As now we enter the Age of Fire...

Yes Might Makes Right
The Law of the Jungle still applies
Fight of Flight
'Cause in the end every single one of us is going to die
Track Name: War of the Last Zealots
Imagine the world
One Hundred years from now...
Will humans even be alive?
Or will we live in an Age of Enlightenment,
While only a handful of the crazies survive?

Threatening again how the end is near,
And insisting that everyone lives in fear?
We watch and wait...
As the war of the last zealots decides our fate...

Fanning the flames of their own apocalypse,
The lunatics just have to be right...
Ushering in the end as they lick their lips,
And justifying their actions through imagined slights!

Oh, what chronic victims!
Expecting sympathy after waging a war on mankind!
Dying to prove their convictions,
No matter what evidence science may find...

Oh, with so many ways we could die...
There's no need to actively try...
No matter what your book may claim,
Having actual answers, and wishing for them -- are not the same!

So let us decide on the future in which we'll reside...
Shall we live in a world governed by reason?
Or succumb to demands by which we cannot abide?

Fanatical clerics wage war to the end;
Unto their imagined hells may their spirits descend...
Track Name: Rise, Last Son of Gaia
RISE! Last Son of Gaia!
The Skies... Shall Fill with Fire!

With one hundred heads of dragons,
You stand aloft,
Your heads above the stars and
Your feet below the hells!
The trembling of earthquakes and
Whirlwinds that blacken
the Sky!

The Mountain, it shakes...
Its magma spews forward as the
Ground beneath quakes...
It won't be too much longer now
Before the Titans are freed...
The final battle awaits!

RISE! Last Son of Gaia!
The Skies...Burn Black with Fire!

Now, come forth, Thou Son of Tartaros, and
Let your will be known!
The eternal foe of Zeus shall soon reclaim
His rightful place upon the Throne!

The Mountain, it shakes...
Its magma spews forward as the
Ground beneath it quakes...
He's growing so much stronger now
Now the Titans are freed...
Their time for revenge is at stake!
Track Name: The Highest Law
Track Name: The Will to Survive, ft. Laurie Ann Haus
Just look inside yourself...
At the dreams that drive you forward...
And the fears that make you live your life this way...
Oh...your thirst for eternal life...
It stems from the will to survive...

Yet you know one day we all must die
And no amount of faith will make truth from lies
So don't delude yourself but rather seize the day;
There's no second chance once your time slips away ...
All your fears of torment and everlasting pain
Are just a function of the brain...

It's all to keep you alive...
Just a part of your will to survive
Fear itself is but a physical drive
Savor your existence and open your eyes... while you still have time

To long for an afterlife is a longing for death...
Be strong and relish this only life until the day you draw your final breath...

Embrace your inner desires
No forgiveness is required
Accept no shame for being who you are...
Every man and every woman is a star...
Each on our one true path...
And bear in mind that any day could be your last...

It's all to keep you alive...
Just a part of your will to survive
Fear itself is but a physical drive
Savor your existence and open your eyes...
Yes it's all to keep you alive...
Just a part of your will to survive
Fear itself is but a physical drive
Savor your existence and open your eyes...

And just live your life...
Track Name: Monoliths of Wrath
OH, Thou, the Angels of My Wrath!
Lay waste to the is-to-be!
Destroy those who stand before my path!
I shall taste sweet victory...

Now I hear the unholy voice,
It answers...

"Stretch forth and conquer those
Who'd live to see you fall...
Let no man stand your foe;
Let their downfall serve as example to all!"

Oh yea - Smite them hip and thigh!
No one EVER crosses me or mine!
Let their eyes be stung by scorpions!
Let Abaddon scorch their throats!
In the coming days I swear -

Now the fires of vengeance rise!
May the scales of justice be set aright!
None who hear your shrieks or cries
Can stop the agents of my wrath tonight!

As monoliths of wrath, these words
Shall take form as the coming of your final days!
Track Name: Into Nod
Cast aside, I wander in the wastes
For giving you a taste
Of the blood you so eagerly craved...

You spat upon my first sacrifice,
So unto you, my brother's blood I gave...

Yet now I stand exiled,
Hated by all, I'm reviled...
I'm shunned by all and bear this mark of shame...
If that's the "love" that you give,
Then I'll be glad to return the same!

I don't need YOU to tell me who I am;
Your sheep may judge but I don't give a damn!
That's right - I live OUTSIDE your "laws"...
Free to point out all of your flaws!

You are no longer my god -
As I venture alone into Nod...

For Cain is my name, and I'll feel no shame.
Track Name: Glass Idols
Behold, the Ice Age is gone...
As the age of indulgence reaches its dawn!

Are you suddenly a victim when your faith is criticized?
Do your crutches begin to crumble when the truth is realized?

Examine the fibers of your "immortal truth"...
And honestly ask yourself… Will your convictions shatter under the burden of proof?

You'll find it unwise to fashion your idols from glass...
For just as the idols of old, your days shall soon pass…
And when that day arrives, you can take all your moral codes and just shove them up your ass!

So know now that your final days have arrived...
And all your holy convictions have all been contrived...

Mankind can be finally free now that the ice age of human thought has passed...